The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim is someone focused on a higher goal.

Taboo: Give up your chosen goal or spend a serious amount of time not pursuing it.

1%-50%: The Pilgrim names a goal and a skill that will help achieve that goal. With a successful Avatar check, the Pilgrim may treat that skill as an additional obsession skill until that goal is completed. If the check fails the Pilgrim may try again with another relevant skill. If the Pilgrim gives up the goal they chose upon use of this channel, they may never select the attached skill for use in this channel again.  

51%-70%: By making a successful Avatar check, the Pilgrim can compare multiple routes to the same destination. The criteria of comparison are length, speed, and safety. Discerning each one requires its own check. With a critical or matched success the Pilgrim knows the exact reason for the differences.

71%-90%: The Pilgrim locks eyes with another person and explains what their goal is and why it's important. If the Pilgrim makes a successful Avatar check higher than the Soul stat of their target, that person must follow one simple command from the Pilgrim. This task cannot go against the fundamental nature of that person. Trying to resist the command incurs a Self check with a rank equal to the tens place of the Pilgrim's avatar skill. 

91%+:  With a successful Avatar check, the Pilgrim may instantly travel through any portal or onto any path. This only works if the Pilgrim has a clear picture of their destination in mind. Additional people may be brought along, but a successful Avatar check is required on behalf of each of them. This channel may also be used to trap someone by rerouting all entrances they pass through into an entrance of the Pilgrim's choosing. This lasts one to two hours and the curse must be applied by making an Avatar check while in the vicinity of the person.  

The Pilgrim

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