The Messenger

The Messenger carries the news.

Taboo: Tell an outright lie or deny the truth when confronted.

1%-50%: When the Messenger gives a statement they know to be true to people who are directly relevant, they may make an Avatar check. If successful, those people are forced to accept the validity of the statement or else make a Rank-6 Self or Helplessness check. 

51%-70%: With a successful Avatar check, the Messenger may remove any physical restraint between themselves and the recipient of their message.

71%-91%: The Messenger can discern an important fact about a place, person, or thing with a successful Avatar check. This information cannot be trivial, it cannot be complicated, and the Messenger has to be in the presence of the thing they are trying to learn about.

91%+: If the Messenger knows an important event is currently happening, they may instantly appear there. 

The Messenger

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