The Merchant

The Merchant facilitates the transfer of goods between those who have them and those who want them.

Taboo: Get taken advantage of or be on the losing side of a deal. Give anything material away for free.

1%-50%: With a successful Avatar check, the Merchant can convince another person that something is more or less valuable than it really is. If the successful roll is higher than the target's Mind score, then extreme revaluations may be made.

51%-70%: The Merchant can buy and sell intangibles like skills and memories with a successful Avatar check. This can only be done with things the participants actually have. It also cannot be done in situations where any kind of coercion is taking place, including the first channel.

71%-90%: With a successful Avatar check, the Merchant can summon demons to make deals with. Neither side can harm the other unless that is part of the deal, and both sides are forced to obey anything they agree to.

91%+: In order to harm the Merchant, the attacking party must pay some amount of money for the right to attack them. This must be done for each attack.

The Merchant

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