The Loyal Laborer

The Loyal Laborer works, not for reward or recognition, but because toil is in his nature.

Taboo: Be lazy or betray your employer. Be creative or innovative.

1%-50%: When assisting others with a project or activity, the other participants' relevant skill is increased by the sum of the digits of the Loyal Laborer's avatar skill. 

51%-70%: The Loyal Laborer may use their avatar skill in place of any mundane, legal, salaried skill or trade. This cannot be artistic, combat-based, or athletic.

71%-90%: While undertaking an industrial task, the Loyal Laborer automatically succeeds at all Body, Speed, and Mind rolls.

91+%: The Loyal Laborer no longer needs to eat, drink, or sleep and does not physically tire.

The Loyal Laborer

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