The Fool

The Fool goes where he shouldn't, says what he ought not, and gets into what is forbidden.

Taboo: Have a Mind score higher than 50%. Act suspicious, wary, or untrusting without extremely good reason. 

1%-50%: With a successful Avatar check, the Fool can find any common object in a place where it is likely to be found.

51%-70%: Any time the Fool takes damage, they can make an Avatar check to randomly divert the damage to someone else nearby. This takes up the Fool's next turn.

71%-90%: The Fool has the ability of synchronicity, to always be in the right place at the right time.

91%+: Any attempts to attack the Fool are at a -30% shift. If the Fool gives up their next turn, they can make an Avatar check instead to decrease the roll of all attacks against them by ten times the number of the ones digit. 


The Fool

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