The Executioner

The Executioner is the embodiment of deliberate, premediated violence. 

Taboo: Kill without orders from a higher authority. Show mercy, hesitation, or remorse in your sentence.

1%-50%: The Executioner can flip-flop all rolls made in combat with their designated target.

51%-70%: If the Executioner locks eyes with someone and makes a successful Avatar check, they cause that person to roll a Violence check with a rank equal to the highest digit of the Executioner's roll. Doing this takes up an action for both the Executioner and target.

71%-90%: When the Executioner makes a successful check to harm their designated target, they can add up to 20 points to the roll, even if it would take them over their skill rank.

91%+: No effect can give the Executioner a negative shift during combat. 

The Executioner

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