The Demagogue

People want answers. The Demagogue provides them.

Taboo: Admit that you're wrong.

1%-50%: With a successful avatar check, the Demagogue can make minor adjustments to someone's worldview by having a 15-30 minute talk with them. This channel can also be used to make an individual automatically succeed their next check on a specific madness meter, although they do not gain a hardened mark. This warning must be specific and an individual can only have one meter shielded at a time. 

51%-70%: With a successful Avatar check, the Demagogue can learn what an individual wants to believe or what a crowd wants to hear.

71%-90%: By meditating for a day on a specific idea and then making an Avatar check, the Demagogue can insert that idea into the popular consciousness. It is not automatically accepted, it just becomes known on the marketplace of ideas.

91%+: With a successful Avatar roll, the Demagogue can make someone believe anything they say, at least temporarily. If this power is used to make someone go completely contrary to their nature, they can ignore the suggestion at the cost of a Rank-10 Self check. 

The Demagogue

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