"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor"

Domain: Form and function of living organisms

Paradox: The central imperative of all living things is to survive.  Making the choice to go against this impulse is the ultimate form of self-control, as it shows that you are free from your oldest and most powerful instincts. This means the most significant way to create yourself is to destroy yourself.

Taboo: The Epideromancer cannot let someone else modify their body. This includes things like medical care and haircuts, but not direct damage like gunshots.  

Minor charge: Give yourself a minor injury, worth 3 health points.

Significant charge: Give yourself a significant injury. Roll 2d10 and take the sum of the digits as damage. Take an additional 3 damage if it is a matched roll.

Major charge: Give yourself a permanent, major injury. Roll 2d10 and take the result as damage. Subtract this number from among your wound points, Body, Speed, and/or Mind score permanently.   

Minor formula spells:

Warping (1) – By touching a target, you do damage to them equal to the sum of the digits of the casting roll. The damage manifests as a distortion of their body.This works through clothing and can be combined with the mundane damage of a normal struggle roll. Just trying to touch someone gives you a +20% shift to your struggle.

Regeneration (1) – Roll a d10. The target of this spell gains back that many lost wound points. This cannot be used on injuries made for the purpose of gaining charges. 

The Flesh Is My Servant (1) – This spell gives you a +10% shift to your Body or Speed for the next 24 hours or until you sleep. It can be cast twice within the period to enhance the stat you didn't enhance with the first casting.  

Relentless Will (1) – This spell negates the need for sleep for one night. 

The Mirror Lies (2) – You can change minor cosmetic parts of your appearance for 24 hours or until you sleep. This covers things like eye color, skin color, hair, and physique shifts of no more than 3 inches or 20 pounds. Each set of shifts requires a casting. You can't imitate someone exactly, but you can approximate their features. 

Greater Warping (3) – This allows you to distort someone's body in malignant ways that don't do direct damage. For example, sealing their fingers together so they can't use their hands or sealing their mouth shut so they can't speak. 

Significant formula spells:

Body Like A Still Pond (1) – Your body flows and reforms in response to harm. All mundane physical attacks made on you for three combat rounds only do damage equal to the digit of the tens place of their roll. Someone who sees this happen has to take a Rank-3 Unnatural check.

Face Shift (1) – This spell works like The Mirror Lies, except only one feature may be changed, and it doesn't have a time limit. 

Body Like Iron (1) – This spell gives you three more wound points, increasing both the ones you currently have and your total capacity to a maximum of 250. This technically does not heal injuries, it just makes them matter less. 

Preternatural Prowess (1) – This spell permanently increases either your Body or Speed by 5%. Wound points are not increased along with Body. This spell cannot increase these stats beyond 85%. 

Body Melting (1) – This works like Warping, except the damage done is number of the casting roll.

Chameleon (2) – You can turn into a physical duplicate of someone for the next 24 hours. The spell lasts for an entire week if you have a piece of their body to meld into yourself. This does not give you their speech patterns, mannerisms, or body language. This change takes 10 minutes to occur. 

Withering (3) – By touching someone you can permanently decrease either their Body or Speed by the sum of the digits of the casting roll. A decrease in Body results in a decrease in wound point total. Also, any skills belonging to the decreased stat are also decreased so that they are not above the stat.

Master Of The Flesh (5) – Permanently increase either your Body, Speed, or wound points by the sum of the digits of the casting roll. Wounds points can be increased up to 250, while Body and Speed can be increased up to 125. 


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