The True King

The True King represents the unity of the ruler, the people, and the land.

Taboo: The King must have a Realm and Followers that they rule over and protect. Acting against their Realm, denying a sensible request from their Followers, and standing idly by if either are in danger all break taboo.

A True King's Realm may have a radius equal to their avatar skill rank in miles, and the number of Followers they have is also limited to their avatar skill rank. Not all of a True King's subjects are Followers.

1%-50%: The True King can sense if their Realm is under attack or if one of their Followers is calling for aid inside the Realm with a successful Avatar check. Alternatively, this channel can be used to contact Followers who are currently inside the Realm.

51%-70%: While within the Realm or in the presence of a number of Followers equal to the tens place of their avatar skill rank, the True King has a +10% shift to all actions.

71%-90%: The True King can transfer wound points between themselves, their Realm, and their Followers. The Realm has a wound point total equal to the True King's max and "heals" one point per day. Also, the condition of the Realm now innately mirrors the condition of the True King.  

91%+: With a successful Avatar check, the True King grants all Followers in their vicinity a bonus to a particular skill equal to the sum of the digits of the check result. This lasts fifteen minutes. This channel can also be used by the True King to attack through their Realm, as long as both they and the target are within it. This does damage equal to the sum of the digits of the Avatar check, along with any object modifiers. If a True King's obsession skill is their avatar skill, they can use combat cherries as well. 



The True King

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