The Savage

The Savage has rejected the society of man and embraced the company of nature. 

Taboo: Have any technology-related skill at 30% or above. Be socially manipulative or dishonest.

1%-50%: When the Savage makes a successful roll with a Body or Speed skill that doesn't use technology, they may add up to 10 points to the result, even if that takes them over their skill rank. 

51%-70%: The Savage can flip-flop any thematic skills, such as Climb, Swim, or Tracking, so long as the initial roll is under their avatar skill rank. 

71%-90%: With a successful Avatar check, the Savage can communicate with an animal and get it to perform a request that doesn't go against its fundamental nature. More intelligent animals "speak" with the Savage, while simpler animals share images and impressions.

91%+: Any damage inflicted on the Savage with either magick or technology is reduced by 20 points. 

The Savage

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