"A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money"

Domain: Money, value, acquisition

Paradox: Money is used to represent value, but it has no intrinsic value by itself. Money only gives you power when you spend it, but spending it means you don't have it anymore and therefore you lose power. 

Taboo: You can't spend $1000 or more at any one time. Paying a $1000 rent would break taboo, but buying a thousand $1 knick-knacks would be just as bad.

Minor charge: Obtain at least one hundred dollars, but less than one thousand dollars, in a single payment. You can't gain more than one charge per day from a single source.

Significant charge: Obtain at least one thousand dollars, but less than one hundred million dollars, in a single payment. The "per day" rule applies to significant charges as well.

Major charge: Obtain one hundred million dollars or more in a single payment.

Minor formula spells:

Malfunction (1) – You can screw with any machine that handles transactions and make a purchase worth $100 or less. This includes withdrawing that amount in physical cash from a machine like an ATM.  

Economic Forecast (1) – By looking at the type, order, and condition of the bills in someone's wallet, you can read their future in a similar manner to a Tarot deck. This usually gives a general outlook or simple message, but sometimes it can produce results that are confusingly specific instead. 

Bargain Of Pyrrhus (1) – This spell allows an enemy's attack to hit you, no matter what they rolled, in exchange for the damage they inflict on you to also be inflicted on them. 

Fiscal History (2) – By touching an object, you can experience a vision that tells you who its owner is. This vision lasts thirty seconds per object, and every two charges spent on this spell gives one minute worth of visions. You can also look multiple times into a single object to go back through the chain of people who owned it. 

I Know Your Price (3) – This spell lets you learn what would make a specific person willingly perform a specific action. 

Mercenary Will (4) – By casting this spell, you effectively buy a portion of someone's life from them. They "pay" this by injuring themselves using whatever is around them. Usually this just does damage equal to the sum of the digits of the casting roll, but if the victim is holding a gun or in a very hazardous situation like a construction site, the damage can be the number of the casting roll. The victim can resist this spell at the cost of a Rank-10 Self check.

Significant formula spells:

Fortune's Wheel (1) – This spell is similar to Economic Forecast, but it allows you to make predictions about entire organizations or populations. 

Bankrupt Will (1) – This spell is the upgraded version of Mercenary Will. It does damage equal to the number of the casting roll and the victim can't resist in exchange for a Self check.   

I'm The Man (2) – For the next half hour, everyone who sees you perceives you to be their boss. Not in an abstract sense, but the literal person who has direct authority over them. The self-employed, unemployed, and others like them are immune to to this spell. The effect can be extended another fifteen minutes for an additional charge. 

Devaluation (2) – This causes a physical object to corrode and decay. You can effect a solid, inert object up to fifty pounds, or an electrical/mechanical object up to the size of an SUV

Washington Speaks (2) – Write your name on a piece of legal tender worth $20 or less. Think of someone you want to spy on, then make the casting roll and spend the money. Within a number of days equal to the number of the casting roll, the currency finds its way into their possession. Once your target has spent the money, it finds its way back to you within two to twenty days. When you have it back, you can concentrate on it to hear and see everything the victim did while the money was within their direct possession. 

Pluto's Curse (3) – You can only cast this spell on someone who has less money than you, and you have to either know them personally or be within line of sight when you cast it. One day after casting, they lose one cent through unfortunate circumstances. Two days after, two cents. This proceeds exponentially until they run out of all the currency they possess, at which point the curse lifts. 

Devil's Deal (5) – This spell has two effects when cast. The first is that you know what the target wants most in the world. The second is that if you fulfill that desire, you can command them to do any one task within their power. Any attempt to resist this geas incurs a Rank-10 Self check.


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