“In Irena’s head the alcohol plays a double role: it frees her fantasy, encourages her boldness, makes her sensual, and at the same time it dims her memory. She makes love wildly, lasciviously, and at the same time the curtain of oblivion wraps her lewdness in an all-concealing darkness. As if a poet were writing his greatest poem with ink that instantly disappears.” 

Domain: Alcohol, intoxication, perception

Paradox: The effects of consuming alcohol simultaneously make you more and less of yourself. For example, drinking brings about clarity by encouraging you to speak the truth, but reduces clarity by impairing your ability to speak. What's more, alcohol represents a short-term benefit for a long-term cost. The hangover always lasts longer than the high.  

Taboo: Being sober. As soon as a Dipsomancer loses their alcohol penalty, they lose all their charges.

Minor charge: Take a drink that increases your alcohol penalty. 

Significant charge: Take an alcoholic drink out of a culturally significant vessel.

Major charge: Drink an alcohol that is unique or has great cultural importance.

Minor formula spells:

Moment Of Truth (1) – This spell gives you a brief vision or impression of the immediate future. In mechanics terms, pick a skill you possess and intend to use. Roll two dice and use the outcome as the result of your next check with that skill. 

Hold My Liquor (1) – You can perform your next non-magick action without your alcohol penalty. Alternatively, this can be used to automatically succeed on a failed Body check to not pass out due to your drunkenness. 

Thimblebelly (1) – Pick a target you can see. That person has to take their next action under the same drunk penalty as you.

Lil' Whammy (2) – Loose objects throw themselves at the target of this spell. The damage is the sum of the digits of the casting roll. An additional die of damage is rolled for every 10% of alcohol penalty the target has.

Party Like Hell (3) – You summon a demon. This does not give you any measure of control over the demon. 

Drunken Stagger (3) – For the rest of this round and the next two combat rounds, all mundane physical attacks against you have a -30% shift to their rolls. By spending another one or two charges, you can raise the penalty to -40% or -50% respectively.

Significant formula spells:

Now I See (1) – For the next thirty seconds you have a blurry vision of what is currently happening to a person, place, or thing familiar to you, no matter where it is. For each significant charge you spend you can extend the vision another thirty seconds. By spending two charges when you first cast the spell you can add sound as well.

Just A Harmless Drunk (1) – For fifteen minutes you have psychic invisibility. This means that while you still show up on cameras and in mirrors, you are blurred out of people's minds. In normal situations, people have to make a significant Notice check just to even realize you're there. This check is at a -40% if you're walking around and doing things, and at a -60% if you're sitting down or standing still. In combat or other highly stressful situations people can somewhat see you, but are at a -30% or -50% to hit you, depending on how active you are. 

God Looks Out For Drunks (1) – You can use your Dipsomancy skill in place of any other skill for one roll. You get to flip-flop and you don't take an alcohol penalty.

The Big Whammy (2) – This is like Lil' Whammy, except the damage done is the number of the casting roll.

Soul Sipping (2) – By placing your mouth on a target, you can drink their soul. In combat this requires a successful Struggle check, although you can cast the spell on the same turn. For material beings, this spell reduces their Soul score by 20% for the next half hour. If their score drops to zero or below, they go unconscious and can't be woken up until the half hour is over. Alternatively, if your target has charges, you can transfer one significant charge from them to you, or up to five minor charges if they don't have any significant ones. For immaterial beings, this does damage to their Soul stat equal to the casting roll. If their Soul is reduced to zero or below, they are "consumed" and effectively exorcized. You also gain up to 10% from any mundane skills they had. 

Astral Stumble (3) – Your spirit leaves your body and you can roam the astral plane until the point where your body sobers up. 

Ghost Vintage (4) – This spell allows you to trap an immaterial being within a closed container of liquor that is at least half-full. With this spell you can also trap the soul of a person at the moment of their death, so long as you cast the spell right when they die. 


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