"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it"

Domain: History, memory, mass consciousness

Paradox: The intended purpose of history is to be an objective record of events, but in actuality it is extremely subjective, distorted, and sometimes entirely false. Indeed, the more something is historically "known" the more controversy and divided opinions there are about it. 

Taboo: The Cliomancer must renew her charges by renewing her memory. All charges from a location are lost if that location is not revisited at least once a week. 

Minor charge: Visit a place of minor historical importance. Only one charge may be taken from a location per day.

Significant charge: Visit a place of significant historical importance. Most of these locations only produce 1-3 significant charges per day, so latecomers will only receive a minor charge.

Major charge: Visit a place of significant historical importance that hasn't had a charge taken from it in a decade. 

Minor formula spells:

Trivia (1) – You can learn any published fact that isn't a secret. This includes images such as maps, which stick in your head up to a half hour.  

Familiar Face (1) – Pick one person you can see. That person feels like they've met you before, although they don't remember the specifics. This can be used strategically to get into restricted areas or to reinforce an existing cover story. 

Common Knowledge (2) – Pick one person you can see that you know has a specific skill. For the next five minutes or five combat rounds, you can use that skill as if it were your own. This does not apply to mystic skills.

You Remember Now (3) – You can plant a false memory in someone's mind. This can either be a vague, general memory or a very specific one. The memory fades within 2-5 hours or after a night's sleep. This spell can be used to give memories that are horrific or obviously false, which causes the victim to take a Rank-3 Self check. 

Past Sight (3) – You can see into the past at your current location. This can either be chronological (5 PM yesterday) or circumstantial (when John Doe was murdered). You can either watch up to one hour as if you were there, or a general overview/montage.

Gnostic Gossip (3) – Pick someone you know the name of and state a rumor about them that can be phrased as a single straightforward sentence. Everyone who knows that person will remember hearing the rumor from somewhere. However, that doesn't mean they believe it.

Significant formula spells:

Instant Zen Master (1) - You can use your Cliomancy skill, including the ability to flip-flop, in place of a skill you already have. This lasts for five skill uses in combat or half an hour outside of combat. If used in a historical location relevant to the skill, the cost is only one minor charge.

Everyman (1)  - This spell effectively casts Familiar Face on everyone you meet for the next 24 hours. The impression is also automatically slightly positive instead of neutral.

Urban Legend (2) – This spell works like Gnostic Gossip, except instead of everyone who knows the person being effected, everyone who hears of the person or meets them is effected.

House Of Mirrors (2) – During a fight, anyone who tries to attack you perceives every person in that fight as you. Essentially, they have to roll randomly to see who they attack. This spell lasts for five combat rounds, but can be extended by two for each significant charge spent. You can also cast this spell on someone else. 

I Believe The Lies (3) – This spell works like You Remember Now except much broader and stronger in effect. Some preparation and support for the false story is needed, but usually the victim accepts the memories as true. Realizing that these memories are false is a Rank-8 Helplessness check. Pumping horrific memories contrary to someone's nature into their brain causes a Self check of up to Rank-8. 

Forget It (4) – This is essentially a memory wipe spell. It can either be used to erase short-term memory up to a certain period or to delete a specific "scene" or piece of information from someone's long-term memory. 

All Is Known (5) – This spell lets you view a specific piece of information in someone's mind. However, it also casts Urban Legend on the target, meaning that anyone who meets or knows about them will also learn the secret. 


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