"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order"

Domain: Chaos, probability

Paradox: There really isn't any noticeable difference between chance and fate, probability and destiny, and yet these things are held as opposites. The very act of relinquishing control and becoming a slave to randomness gives you control and makes you a master of possibility. 

Taboo: You can never let anyone risk themselves in your place. You can both risk yourselves simultaneously, but passing the buck is unthinkable. 

Minor charge: Risk a minor injury, significant embarrassment, or significant possessions. 

Significant charge: Risk significant injury or death. 

Major charge: Risk the life of yourself and at least ten others. Or, risk your life and the life of someone you care immensely about.

Minor formula spells:

Taste of Chaos (1) – The target of this spell has a -10% shift to their next roll. Each additional charge added reduces the roll by another -10%.

The Evil Eye (1) – This spell curses the target with the "death of a thousand cuts", a physical representation of how entropy usually destroys things through many small misfortunes instead of a single large one. The damage done is equal to the sum of the digits of the casting roll. Although this normally manifests as random slashes in the victim's body, you can make the wounds appear as words or symbols. You can also increase the damage by gambling additional dice. After a successful casting roll, roll an additional d10. If it's even, add the damage. If it's odd, no damage is done and the charges are wasted. Up to five dice can be added this way.

Pierce The Veil (1) – This spell summons a demon. You are not granted any measure of control over the demon. 

Fortune's Fool (2) – This spell lets you re-roll a failed roll, even a critical failure. If done in combat it does not take an action. You cannot use this spell multiple times on the same roll, or on a casting roll of the spell itself. 

Bulletproof Chutzpah (2) – Any attempt to physically damage you while this spell is active have a flat 50% of straight up failing. After a successful attack is made against you, roll a d10. If the result is even, the attack automatically fails. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the ones place of your casting roll. Charges cannot be gained while under the influence of this spell.

Double Or Nothing (3) – This spell lets you add a bonus to your next roll equal to the number of the casting roll, rounded down to the nearest tens place. For two additional charges, you can cast this spell on someone in line of sight.

Significant formula spells:

Killing Stare (1) – This works like Evil Eye, except the damage done is the number of the casting roll. Unlike its lesser counterpart, you can't gamble to add more damage to the spell.

Long Distance Call (1) – Think about someone you want to call. Pick up a phone and dial 1, plus the next 10 numbers that come into your head. The phone nearest to that person will ring and if they pick it up you'll be able to talk to them. If there isn't a phone anywhere near them the spell fails but you don't lose your charges.

Cage For The Dead (1) – This spell allows you to control a summoned demon. The demon only has to follow the letter of your commands, not their spirit, so choose your words carefully.

Luck Of The Damned (1) – Reduce all damage inflicted on you from one source to zero if you can think of a reasonable coincidence that would prevent it from happening. It should go without saying that this doesn't work on damage gained from building charges.

Edit The World (2) – This allows you to retroactively alter one small event that occurred in the last 24 hours. This spell can't be used on events that would radically change the present so that you wouldn't cast the spell in the first place. If used on damage, this allows you to "undo" damage equal to the number of the casting roll.

I Win (2) – After rolling for an action, you can cast this spell to retroactively adjust your skill level to the result, just for the purposes of that single check. 

On A Roll (3) – For 24 hours, you have a +10% shift to all of your stats and skills.  


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